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Role Of Sub-Divisional Officer(Civil) in District Faridabad

The Sub divisional Officer (Civil) is a miniature Deputy Commissioner in his subdivision. He also hears appeals as Collector of the subdivision, against the orders of Assistant Collectors, Grade II (Tehsildars and Naib-Tehsildars) and Assistant Collectors, Grade I (Tehsildars in partition cases).

The powers and responsibilities of the Sub Divisional Officer relating to revenue, magisterial, executive and development matters within his jurisdiction, are analogous to those of the Deputy Commissioner. His revenue duties include supervision and inspection of all matters from assessment to collection of land revenue; co-ordination of work of all officials in the subdivision, particularly in the departments of Revenue, Agriculture, Animal Husbandry and Public Health within the subdivision. His magisterial duties are: liaison and co-ordination with police in the subdivision; watch over the relations between various communities and classes; special precautions and actions in emergency, especially connected with festivals; and recommendations to the District Magistrate, when he is himself not competent, for grant of arms licences. He has ample powers under the Criminal Procedure Code, Punjab Police Rules, and other laws to exercise effective supervision over the law and order situation in his area.

For the elections to the Vidhan Sabha, he is generally appointed as Returning Officer for the constituency/ constituencies in his jurisdiction. For elections to the Lok Sabha constituencies , he is generally appointed as Assistant Returning Officer.