Ration Card
(Issued by Food and Supply Department)

Every family or individual residing within the limits of District Faridabad is entitled to a Ration Card. The whole district has been divided into 6 circles. There is one Food & Supply Officer (FSO) for each circle who is responsible for issues of new ration card, duplicate ration card, addition, deletion, change of head of family, change of address, surrender or bifurcation of ration card.


Where do I have to go and whom do I meet ?
Ans: To the FSO of the circle in whose jurisdiction your residence falls. Application for new ration cards are accepted from 1 to 15 of every month of working days.
Ques: Which paper/document/fee do I take with me ?
  1. Application Form No. 1 can be obtained from the FSO at a nominal fee of 50 paise.
    (Due to the form being sold by the Govt. for a nominal fee, the same is not available for free download )
  2. Application duly filled and signed by the Head of family to be submitted to the FSO of the concerned circle along with 3 pass port size photograph, attested signature of the Head of family and any one of the following documents:-
  • Rent receipt,
  • Electricity/Water/Telephone bill
  • A house tax receipt
  • Registered deed
  • Power of Attorney
  • Gas connection receipt,
  • Allotment letter from the Competent Authority, NOC from the land lord.

In case the applicant is in physical possession of the premises but is not able to produce any of the above documents, circle FSO will satisfy himself through spot inquiry.
Persons sharing accommodation in Govt. quarters will not be issued separate ration cards. However, there names can be included in the ration card of the allottee..

Ques: What should I do to get a duplicate ration card ?
Ans: Apply in form No. 1 to the circle FSO with verification by the Fair Price Shop (FPS) on top of the application indicating the last drawl of ration and units of the ration card.
Ques: What should I do to get any name(s) added or deleted?
Ans: Apply in form No. 2 in both the cases. Surrender/deletion certificate from the previous circle or birth certificate is required for addition. For deletion no documents are required, only signature of applicant on application and the ration card will be tallied before deletion.
Ques: What should I do to get the name of a member changed ?
Ans: Apply in Form No. 3 along with newspaper cutting and affidavit attested by First Class Magistrate in case of a major member. In case of minor children an undertaking on a plain paper by the Head of family is sufficient.
Ques: How do I get the name of Head of family changed ?
Ans: Apply with a request from head of family for change in name. In case the head of the family has passed away, the death certificate may be enclosed.
Ques: How do I get ration card at my changed address ?
Ans: Change of address within the existing circle: Apply with proof of residence of new address along with duly filled Form No. 1.
Change of address outside the existing circle: The ration card to be surrendered with duly filled Form No. 'J' is to be submitted to FSO of the existing circle and surrender certificate to be obtained. Procedure for getting a new ration card in the new circle is to be followed, surrender certificate is to be enclosed with the new Form.
Ques: How much time does it take to get these jobs done ?
Ans: Please refer the following time schedule.



Nature of Work/Activity Time Limit Implementing Authority/officer
1. Preparation of new Food Cards. 15 days. Food & Supplies Officer
2. Surrender of Food card/issue of surrender certificate. same day on presentation of consumer card with application. Food & Supplies Officer
3. Deletion of names of family member from consumer card. same day on presentation of consumer card with application. Food & Supplies Officer
4. Addition of names
a) Application alongwith deletion certificate issued by F&S Deptt. of NCT of Delhi or birth certificate in case of minors/proof of marriage. same day on presentation of consumer card with application. Food & Supplies Officer
b) In other cases. 7 days. Food & Supplies Officer
5. Change in address on the food card within the same circle. same day on presentation of consumer card with requisite documentary proof alongwith prescribed application form. Food & Supplies Officer
6. Change of Fair Price Shop/ Kerosene Oil Depot within the same circle. same day on presentation of consumer card with application Food & Supplies Officer

For Further details or complaints please contact

District Food & Supply Controller,
1st Floor, Red Cross Bhawan,
Sector-12, (opp. District Courts),