Pension Schemes Of The Department Of Social Security

Various pension schemes are being operated by the department for the citizens of Haryana who are more than 60 years old.


@ of Rs. 300/- per month.

(i) Applicant should be permanent resident of Haryana.
(ii) Applicant should not own more than 5 acres of nahri/irrigated and more than 10   acres of barani/non-irrigated land.
(iii) Applicant’s age should be greater than 60 years.
(iv) None of the applicant’s sons should be a gazetted officer, lawyer, contractor, member of state legislative assembly, or member of any board/corporation. Neither the applicant nor his children should be income tax payees.
(v) Apart from the income from agricultural land the applicant’s income from the other sources should not be greater than Rs. 10,000/- per annum.
(vi) Applicant should not be taking any other pension.


Procedure for sanction of pension:
Every year in the month of April/May a committee of officials (Tahsildar, Doctor of Health department and representative of District Social Welfare Officer) conducts survey in all villages and towns. This committee examines all applicants and decides the pension cases. The selection committee’s programme is advertised well in advance.

Distribution of pension:
In the villages, the pension is distributed by the Patwaris and in urban areas by Municipal Officers at a specified public place.

For Further Details please contact
District Social Welfare Officer,
Ground Floor, B- Block,
Mini Secretariat, Sector-12,
Phone: 2227929