District Red Cross Society provides the following services:

  1. Handicapped Rehabilitation Center
    To provide artificial limbs and physical and medical facility to the handicapped.
    Procedure:Handicapped per son can get artificial limbs on the advice of the orthopedic surgeon. The forms are available at rehabilitation centers. On doctor's advice, the handicapped person can get copies of income and domicile certificates from the handicapped rehabilitation center. The handicapped persons can get them completed and get artificial limb from the handicapped rehabilitation center.
    Eligibility: Income upto Rs.1250/-p.m. free of cost
                      Income from Rs.1251/- upto Rs.2500/-p.m.at half of the cost of the artificial limb.
    Physical Medicine: Any person who does not feel physically fit is eligible to avail the facility.

  2. Nasha Upchaar Kendra (Drug Addicts Treatment Center)
    Objective: To treat any type of Drug addicts to quit the addiction.
    Procedure: A survey is conducted by able social workers to identify such drug addict persons. They are convinced and suggested to get treatment to quit drug addiction. The effected person is admitted for 12 to 15 days. During this period, Medical treatment and doctor's advice is provided free of cost. OPD treatment facility is also available. Secretary may be contacted for more information regarding admission, consultation and knowledge.

  3. Arogya Dispenseries
    Objective: To provide free medical facilities to the patients of slum areas.
  4. Wheelchair and Tricycle
    Objective: To provide wheel-chairs and tricycles to the persons whose feet are cut and hands are in working condition.
    Procedure: A beneficiary has to deposit three certificates i.e. Handicapped Certificate (issued by Civil Surgeon), income and Domicile certificate issued by SDM, Tehsildar or Naib Tehsildar in this office to get a tricycle and wheelchair.
    Free of cost for people with income upto Rs.1250/- p.m.
    Half of cost for people with income from Rs.1250/- upto Rs.2500/-p.m. This facility is not available for income group more than Rs. 2500/- per month.

  5. Ambulance Services 
    In the three hospitals of the district namely B.K.Hospital, Faridabad; Civil Hospital, Ballabgarh and Palwal, Red Cross Ambulance Services are available, which provide transport facility to the patients at no profit no loss basis. For the Ambulance, P.M.O., B.K.Hospital, Medical Supdt. Civil Hospital, Ballabgarh and Palwal can be contacted.

  6. First Aid and Home Nursing Course
    First Aid and Home Nursing classes are organised from the first day of every month. Training is given for a period of eight days for one hour daily (from 9:00 a.m. to 10:00 a.m) Examination is conducted on the ninth day and the successful persons are given certificates.
    Fee: Rs.50/- per person.

  7. Looking after the Leprosy Patients
    To distribute ration to leprosy patients.
    Each leprosy patient is given ration from the faridabad Central Coopeartive Consumers Store at the rate of Rs.200/- per month. This facility is available to the residents of Bharat Mata Kusth Ashram.
  8. Working Women Hostel
    To provide accomodation facility to working women of low income group.
    Procedure for Allotment: Allotment form can be taken from the office of the Red Cross Society on payment of Rs.2/-. This form is to be deposited in this office after filling it and enclosing a certificate from the employer. After this, accomodation facility can be given.
    Rent and Other Charges: Once the allotment is sanctioned, the beneficiary has to deposit Rs.200/- as security in this office which are refunded at the time of leaving the accomodation. Rent is based on the salary. For a single room, the rent is 15% of the total salary and for a double room, 10% of the salary, water charges Rs.18/- per month and electricity charges Rs.37/- per month is fixed.
    Eligibility: Any working women drawing salary upto Rs.5000/- and employed in any government, non-government Organization in Faridabad and is alone.

  9. Blood Group Testing
    Objective: Different facilities for getting a license are available in the premises of concerned Licencing Authority.
    Fee: Rs.25/- per person. Blood group can be tested on any working day.
  10. Colour Photograph Facility
    Facility for colour photograph necessary for license, license card, typing and lamination is available in the premises of concerned Licencing Authority.
    Fees: Rs. 30/- per person.
  11. File/Form Sale Counter
    Objective: To provide different types of license and registration file/form at fixed rate. These forms are available in the premises of concerned Licencing Authority.

For More Details Contact:
District Red Cross Society,
Red Cross Bhawan,
Tel: 5103177

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